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Ninja Sex Party: Cool Patrol


Guess what? You just got inducted into the COOL PATROL, an elite squad of super awesome people who just hang around being amazing all the time! So why not celebrate this major life milestone with a Cool Patrol t-shirt? It practically shouts “HEY DUMMY THIS DUDE/CHICK IS AWESOME AF” at everyone that sees it, and if you see anyone else wearing one they’ll give you ONE HIGH FIVE ABSOLUTELY FREE FOR NO REASON AT ALL. What a day to be alive! What a day to be cool! What a day to be patrol! hey brent this is the end of the copy and it kind of loses steam at the end so please don’t include this part ok

Screen printed with precision and care at Yetee HQ in Aurora IL. All shirts are printed on super soft 100% ringspun cotton Bella/Canvas tees.

Shipping: USA: 3.85 CAN: 4 WORLD: 5.50

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