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Ninja Brian


In the night, he comes for you. He is death: invisible, swift, and unavoidable. He also plays the piano like nobody’s business, but that’s kind of a secondary skill. Yup, we’re talking about Ninja Brian, and now you too can instill fear into the hearts of your enemies by wearing his face right on your chest. And if you don’t already have enemies, you sure will after wearing this crazy awesome shirt in public, because people will be all like “oh damn where’d you get that sick t-shirt” and you’ll probably do some kung fu on them or something just to show them who’s boss. Yeah, it’s kind of a dick move for you to do that, but dick moves are what Ninja Brian’s all about. Also we heard he might have slept with your mom. OH SNAP!




Screen printed with precision and care at Yetee HQ in Aurora IL. All shirts are printed on super soft 100% ringspun cotton Bella/Canvas tees.


Shipping: USA: 3.85 CAN: 4 WORLD: 5.50
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