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Limited Edition Vinyl LP

Official Yetee variant of R23X's JRPG-inspired album, VELTAHL.

This is a signed copy that includes limited edition (1 of 54) signed giclee art print feature artwork by Nina Matsumoto with design by R23X.

Limited to 54 copies  

Comes with free download code.

Originally published by the Dream Catalogue.

A distant, desolate future holds the key to a mysterious, forgotten past..........

New wares are the new heirs — yet, they have fallen as well. The only organic humans left are isolated, amnesiac warriors — awoken at random from their thousand-year sleep — carrying nothing but a glaive and a survival energy pack. Recovered from pods scattered across the wastes, mired in the vestiges of an ancient, hopeless war.

A bildungsroman for a forgotten soul. An immortal’s tale unknown — reborn only to accept an ancient defeat and to face a hopeless future. Project VELTAHL has failed.

Shipping: USA: 9 WORLD: 14

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